We Settle for a 100% Client Satisfaction Only!

Our clients love working with us because we treat their projects like our own.

  • The team stood out because of their swift response time and patience. Cubix provided one contact person, which helped streamline project management and coordination. Not only did Cubix follow the budget and timeline, the team even offered additional services at no extra charge.
  • The app sparked interest in the market and attracted initial users, while receiving no complaints about its functionality or usability. Cubix excelled at addressing user experience concerns, communicating clearly, and investing in the project's potential.
  • Willing to accommodate nonprofit budgets, Cubix brought their robust experience to the project. They checked in consistently, and were communicative, easy to reach, and responsive. The Android app shows over 500 downloads to date.
  • I loved working with Cubix. I was surprised to see how genuinely the team was interested in making my app a success in the industry, instead of how most companies just want to get done with the work. They kept suggesting how to improve the app’s designs and also accommodated my recommendations. I hope to work with them in the future as well.
    Denise Marcus Datastre
  • We worked with Cubix for the development of our video game app, “Tissot Hoops” and the experience far exceeded our expectations. They were professional, knowledgeable, and very accommodating to our timeline and goals. The talented group of developers and marketing staff in the company make Cubix a great company to partner with to reach your digital objectives
    Carole Bardasano
  • I really do appreciate all your efforts and hard work to be responsive, creative and overall to make this a killer app. You’ve handled everything (including me) very gracefully. I appreciate it, and I’m here now because I’ve never had anything but great confidence that Social Cubix will deliver a fantastic end product – and that says a lot.
    Stephen Bradley
  • I wanted to make sure everyone on your end knew how pleased we have been with this process. The product 100% looks great. Thank You
    Ryan Quinn
  • My experience with Cubix was exceptional! As a Creative Director of an integrated marketing firm, I might have chosen to develop my app concept in-house. However, due to my own busy schedule and the fact that this type of app is outside of our core business, I elected to consult a specialist. After extensive research, I decided on Social Cubix due to their excellent experience and track record of success. I was not disappointed! Their entire team was very professional throughout. They provided helpful initial feedback on the potential for the app’s success, allowed me to interact directly with developers who demonstrated the same courteous, professional attitudes, brought the app to life, just as I had envisioned it, and never once complained about changes or revisions to what was ultimately a challenging and complex project. They worked diligently to stay on schedule, quoted an excellent price and stuck to it. I am certain that their success is closely tied not only to their unique expertise and capabilities, but also an organizational commitment to operating with integrity. I highly recommend them.
    Tim Hamby
  • Thank you again for the successful launch of the 3M and Converse applications. Your dedication, hard-work, flexibility, patience and professionalism is recognized and appreciated. I would recommend Social Cubix to any company wishing to create their application!
    Michael Guzma
  • I wanted to send this e-mail to you to let you know that our team and especially myself, is very happy with the effort and work that you and your development team put into our platform, iMogul. All the developers have done an unbelievable job with the amount of information that we have provided over these last months. Our major target was to get the platform deployed before our first film, ‘Fight Church’ was announced. You and your team have accomplished that! You and the developers have a deep understanding of what we at iMogul are trying to accomplish in order to disrupt Hollywood, help Independent Producers and people in the film industry, and let the crowd be a source for the Independent Producers inspiration. I believe the understanding that your team has, has a lot of it has to do with the fact that movies transcend cultures and touch all of us in one way or another.
    Chris LeSchack
  • I found Cubix provided the highest quality product, and as it was our first experience – that is exceptional for an agency to get it right first time.
  • Cubix has delivered fast, high quality builds for us for almost a year now. I continue to be amazed by the excellent work that has come out of their shop – the attention to detail, and especially the quick turnaround is just stellar. I recommend them to anyone looking to keep their development costs down without sacrificing quality in the end result.
    jeff kemp
  • I have truly enjoyed working with the team at Cubix. They didn’t just provide a service. They worked in tandem with me to make my apps the best they could possibly be. They didn’t just give me what I asked for - they worked to improve my design in countless ways. The result was beautifully designed, simple, and elegant – just what I was hoping for, only better. I wouldn’t hesitate to work with them again and hope to in the future!
    Julie Routzahn