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Maximize your impact with exceptional Android application development services that empower your app with a diverse range of unique features. Deliver an unforgettable experience to your users and expand your boundaries with our thriving solutions.

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You’ve been handed the keys to unlocking a truly powerful user experience with Android. We help you harness this platform's unique set of attributes that make your app stand out among competing platforms. Android is a progressive and evolving system that provides immense scope for developing apps that offer incredible experiences. The recent updates surrounding android app development languages including Java and Kotlin rolled out alongside new introductions such as Google Fuchsia all of which promise to take Android app development to the next level, and we are here to take you along.

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Harness an agile process to create Android apps. With bi-weekly check-ins, you get to review your app progress to let us have your feedback during the development process.


Project Planning

  • Business analysis
  • Documenting specifications
  • Preparing wireframess
  • Getting client approval


UI/UX design

  • Crafting app prototype
  • Making changes
  • Getting client approval
  • Implementing feedback



  • Development strategy
  • Testing strategy
  • Product development
  • Product release

FAQs For Android Application Development

The specialist project managers at Cubix can help you to figure out which coding languages and tools are best for your Android app project. We have experts in a diverse variety of Android app development technologies, such as Java, Kotlin, Python, Swift, Flutter, and React Native. Each of these technologies may have pros and cons, such as development speed, scalability, and design flexibility. Based on your project requirements, we will advise the best options for you to choose from.

For developing your Android app, two programming languages are typically used.

The first is Java, which is the official programming language for developing Android apps. For your first app, this is the preferred language to go with; in fact, Android apps have historically been written in Java.

The second is Kotlin, named by Google a short while back as their preferred programming language for developing Android apps. Kotlin is proving to be a practical and easy programming language for cross-platform apps, allowing you to target both Android and iOS at the same time.

If required, other technologies such as Python, Swift, Flutter, or React Native may be used.

You may know that Android app development is a highly complex process requiring hundreds of hours in development and testing time. Expenses and development time depend on various factors such as the intricacy of the app, required number of pages, framework, supplementary components, visuals, and level of customization. Costs range from $50 per hour all the way to over $120 per hour, depending on where in the world the developers are based. For a ballpark figure, you can take the minimum cost per hour and multiply it by a thousand, which is the usual number of hours required for a mid-level app.

An easier way is to let us know your detailed requirements, and we will give you a tailor-made project estimate.

As you would be well aware, app development is a complicated process; hence hiring a specialist Android app development company would definitely be worth it. An app development company has a profusion of technical specialists available, including developers, creative designers, and testers. It also provides support services, including data protection and backup, quick turnaround, and quality regulation. Such a company will be able to support your Android app in the long term, as maintenance and new functionality are normally required over time.

Creating and sustaining an Android app, like any app development, is a continuing process. Rest assured that we are your partners for the long term, whether your app requires a bug fix, feature updates, or other modifications. As part of our Android app development services, Cubix specializes in providing long-term maintenance and customer care to make sure that your Android app remains a relevant choice for your target market.

Android Technology Stack

To develop your Android app, Cubix will utilize a flexible and time-tested technology stack.

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