How many types of computer | Based on the size and power


Types of computer

Based on the size and power computer are classified into

  • Microcomputer
  • Minicomputer
  • Mainframe computer
  • Supercomputer


The microcomputer is also known as personal computer microcomputer are easy to use it is small in size microcomputers have low computing power only one user can use a microcomputer at a time

The cost of microcomputers are less it is used for personal applications in our daily life examples of the microcomputer are desktop computer, laptop computer, Smart-phone, Tablet

Desktop computer

I’m going to go over is desktop computers you’re going to see at work school and home settings the reason businesses and schools prefer desktop computers as opposed to laptop computers is because usually, you can get computers with better specs for a cheaper price when they’re desktop versus laptop the reason is desktop computers are not portable so you can’t just pick up and go anywhere with your desktop computer

So you sacrifice portability but what you gain on the hardware side is a big plus this is because you have a computer case right here and the computer case allows you for a lot more customization options when it comes to the computer’s internal’s you also comes with a monitor in most cases although an old TV monitor works with the computer

If you have an HDMI and so you have a lot of options for monitors as well another great thing about the desktop computer is they have a detached keyboard and so you have a usually a lot larger keyboard to work with and more functionality on that keyboard

You have a mouse as well the mouse is generally the preferred option for navigating around your user interface and so it’s great to have a mouse option

So those are some of the benefits of a desktop computer

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Laptop computer  

Alternatively, we have laptop computers and laptop computers they’re powered in two different ways you have the cable power so you could plug it into your laptops cable port for its power and then plug into the wall and use it that way then that won’t drain your

Your other power option which is your battery now the battery is unique to a laptop as opposed to a desktop anyway I’m going to go over some other battery-powered computers

But the battery is great because you could take it with you on the go so if you’re a student and you want to take your computer to class a laptop is a good option for you keep and mind laptops are still pretty heavy because they have a keyboard on them and they use a trackpad for your mouse interface

So the good news about them they’re portable they’re great for school or even work if you travel a lot


the smartphone you have a variety of different thing you could do about those they’re becoming more powerful all the times you have internet you have games and you have LTE is the service that your cell phone use to access uses to access the internet without Wi-Fi

so you know the better your LTE coverage which is what all the computers are learning or all the commercials rather are about the better and faster your internet is while you are not connected to Wi-Fi

so that would be like your internet cell towers and things like that so that’s how your smartphones use the internet without Wi-Fi or a wired connection

Tablet computers

So tablets have great benefits have the great benefits as well bane one their handheld okay they’re extremely portable you could fit them in just about any bag okay as the hardware on those go what makes them unique is that they’re touch-sensitive

So it’s kind of like your phone in the fact that you touch to navigate but the downside is there’s no keyboard so it’s gonna be a lot slower when it comes to you know well generally you’re gonna be a lot slower

When it comes to typing on one of these verses having the keyboard option next up you also have no mouse but you know with touch sensitivity on something like a tablet that’s not as big of a deal

So the main downside of tablets is that they typically use a mobile operating system so you’re not going to in most cases get a tablet that uses Windows 10 or you’re never going to find a tablet that uses they use a Mac operating system

So you’re not going to see those options instead you’re going to see google android and you’re gonna see apple IOS so it’s gonna be more like your phone’s operating system rather than a full operating system that you would have on a desktop which is a huge benefit or even a laptop

So what you gain in portability you lose in functionality when it comes to your operating system

game consoles

your game consoles like Nintendo switch play Station Xbox those are becoming popular and I guess they’ve been popular for a long time one of the benefits to these is they’re no longer just of playing games so, for instance, you can log onto your play station and use Netflix or Hulu or your Xbox and do anything like that as well so they’re becoming way more of a just an entertainment console in addition to the games that they have on the platform as well.

Mainframe computer


Mainframe computers are large size and bigger than mini-computer the cost of mainframe computer are high it has high computing power it is a multi-user system where 100 users can work at a time.

A mainframe computer is used in large business organizations such as insurance company and universities

Examples of mainframe computer are IBM 7094

Servers computer


Servers are used for networks they serve information to other computers and so if you’re viewing this blog on a website right now website stored my blog on to their server and which is one of these gays here and so you are accessing that servers information to learn this blog that’s kind of how servers work

On the business level servers are used to store and share files so if your business has servers it likely has a drive that you use to navigate files with your co-workers this is a lot faster than running a USB stick around your office and giving people files that way or emailing back and forth

So that’s why they use servers and so if you are a part of a business or school uses to share files


The supercomputer is the largest and fastest computer it is the most expansive computer

The supercomputer has a very high computing power

The supercomputer is used in very large organizations such as weather forecasting and space exploration

Example of a supercomputer are param, cray, summit,

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