Computer Network topology types | Star, Ring, Bus etc.

What are network topologies? Topology is the layout of how a network communicates with a different device and there are a couple of different categories of topologies there’s wired and wireless. First going to learn about the most common wired topologies and the most common wired topology that’s used is the star topology. Star topology … Read more

TCP/IP model layers explained | Network protocols

TCP/IP model to standardize computer networking it’s the same description as the OSI model while widely referenced isn’t used in the real world the TCP/IP model however is the real deal thankfully is not that different. Here is the TCP/IP model four simple layers, application, transport, internet, and link and just like the OSI model … Read more

What is the OSI model? Explained

The  OSI model is a theoretical stack of seven layers that can be used as a reference to better understand how networks operate. The model was introduced to standardize networks in a way that allowed multi-vendor systems before this you will only be able to have one vendor network because the device from one vendor couldn’t communicate with others. … Read more

Computer Network Doesn’t Have To Be Hard | Read it

Content chart What is a router? Components of a wired network How does a send information from the internet Types of network Advantages of computer network Disadvantages of computer network What is a computer network?  Computer networking is the word people use when they’re talking about connecting computers together so they can share data and … Read more

What is the type of parts inside your computer case?

A computer is a very use full electronic device. This device is very powerful and complex it includes many types of parts. Some components are easy to recognize such as a computer case, keyboard and, monitor, and other types of hardware components, but today we will know that there is some kind of hardware inside the box attached to it. What is the type … Read more